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Partnering with IT Vendors - User Adoption Solutions

Partnering with IT Vendors

Cloud based hosting and subscription pricing has transferred user adoption risk from the client to you – the vendor. If the client’s employees are not using the software that you have supplied, the client will not be able to gain the value and business results they expected, and they may not renew their subscription.

partnering with IT vendorsIf your customer retention levels are problematic, there is a good chance that poor user adoption is a cause for this.

Change management is not your core business, and you do not have the specialized expertise needed to increase user adoption levels – training on how to use the software is essential and useful, as is a good User Experience process, but they are not enough for your client’s people to embrace the changes that the introduction of the software triggers.

In the end, it isn’t the software that does the work, it’s the people, and someone has to get them on board and committed to using it well.

We will work with you behind the scenes if preferred, to develop and implement a simple and effective user adoption strategy that will quickly and significantly increase the amount and quality of use for your valuable product. Your client will see a more rapid return on their investment which is good for them and you; especially at subscription renewal time.

How we work with our partners

  1. We recognise that you are leading the project, and ours is a supporting role.
  2. We will provide a clearly defined set of responsibilities and outcomes for the change management and user adoption input we will contribute to your project – naturally, we will leave the technical aspects of the implementation up to you.
  3. We will provide the highest level of service possible to your client, so they will not experience any inconvenience or hassle.
  4. We are flexible with respect to how the client is to be billed for our services – whatever works best for you is best for us.

Like to find out more about how we can create value for you and your clients? Please contact us.