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Leading for User Adoption - User Adoption Solutions

Leading for User Adoption

Leading for User Adoption

Effective leadership is one of the key drivers of high levels of user adoption.

Leading for user adoptionLeaders kick-start all the activities that contribute to eventual success – communicating a compelling business case for the system, clarifying the new roles and responsibilities, identifying and overcoming barriers to adoption and more. The training provides leaders with ‘how-to’ approaches to the four leadership activities that have proven to have the greatest positive effect on user adoption rates, enabling them to accelerate progress towards gaining the anticipated ROI.

Also, the training makes clear the leadership responsibilities before, during and after an IT implementation.

We will work with you to ensure that the right accountability and motivation systems are in place to encourage leaders in your organization to put into action, the user adoption skills that they have learned during training.

Finally, for those who prefer to learn through one-on-one coaching the leadership skills training is also available in this format.

Mini case study

A large North American auto dealership had invested in a Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management system to enable it to improve the quality of customer service it provided, and ultimately sell more vehicles.

The people aspect of the CRM implementation had not gone as well as hoped, and there were significant user adoption problems – essentially, the majority of sales professionals were not using the system in a meaningful way. As part of a broader, successful solution, User Adoption Solutions provided training to many of the firm’s leaders in Canada and the USA on how to communicate the business case for CRM (the ‘why’), and how to bring in a major change so that there was widespread support for it. We also taught the leaders how to identify and deal with, resistance to change.

The training had a major positive impact on user adoption levels, and the leaders reported that they now felt much more confident about their ability to lead effectively during any change situation in the future.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us.