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Accelerate User Adoption - Accelerate Success - User Adoption Solutions

Accelerate User Adoption – Accelerate Success

Accelerate user adoption and accelerate sales and return on your IT investment.

Accelerate user adoptionThe best time to start taking action on user adoption is during the planning phase of an IT implementation. We will partner with you during planning and provide a User Adoption Assessment (current strengths and opportunities for improvement amongst other things), of your current approach to dealing with the changes that adopting the new technology will create, and then make practical and affordable recommendations on how to quickly achieve high levels of user adoption with the new system.

If you like, we can maintain the partnership and work with you to implement the recommendations, making sure that the key drivers for user adoption are in place from the get-go.

Mini case study

A small company, which had developed a  disruptive technology, was in the process of taking it to the market. The idea was to invest in a CRM system and make it an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. The members of the leadership team, felt that they did not have enough knowledge on how to bring in such a significant change successfully, so they asked us to attend a product launch planning meeting and share our expertise.

Before the meeting, we found out why they had decided to invest in CRM, what business goals the new system would serve and how, and what change leadership practices they used.

At the planning meeting, we partnered with them to develop a simple and very doable implementation plan for the CRM system, that would ensure that the system would be implemented on-time and on-budget, and, that people would adopt it willingly, so that the value available from it would be created immediately.

The plan, once implemented, delivered the expected results, and the client was delighted.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us.