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Invested in enterprise software?

You invested in enterprise software such as CRM, to learn more about your customers’ needs and preferences in order to develop stronger and more profitable relationships with them.

Alternately, perhaps you invested in SharePoint to improve internal collaboration..?

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Take action to ensure it is used

Having CRM or SharePoint available doesn’t mean that people will use it.

It’s like exercise; everyone knows the benefits, but not everyone does it!

You can take specific steps (change related, not technical) to boost and maintain usage – take action to ensure the software is used…

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Low usage = no or low ROI

You cannot achieve the business results you want if users do not enthusiastically adopt the software.

In fact, the value available from enterprise software is only gained if it is used effectively and very extensively.

High usage = a high rate of return on your investment.

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 User Adoption Solutions – Improving user adoption of technology so that you can achieve your goals even more quickly.

UAS helps small and mid-sized enterprises to get the business results, and ROI expected from investments in Enterprise Resource Planning products such as CRM, SharePoint or SaaS products like Office 365 through improving end user adoption rates.
We provide solutions that increase the speed, level and quality of User Adoption (User Adoption = the extent to which people actually use new software or IT Systems effectively) so that more employees use the new software more often and more effectively, resulting in increased productivity, and ROI.

The reality is that the IT system that you have just invested in has a shelf-life of approximately three years, so you need to gain the value available from it ASAP and consistently over its useful lifespan. Improving user adoption levels for the technology is the quickest and best way to do this.

We also provide assistance to organizations that are undertaking a Digital Transformation Process, automating processes and introducing robotics. Our services ensure that the significant changes in how work will be done are understood and accepted by the employees and that the new technology is quickly adopted.

We are experts in leading the people side of change and improving user adoption; it is all that we do. Your technology provided will deliver the functionality you want,  on time and on budget; we will ensure that the software delivers the business results anticipated.

If people don’t use the technology, there is no way that it can deliver the value that you planned for.

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“63% of CRM initiatives fail”
– Merkle Group 2014.

 “Lack of user adoption is cited as the primary cause of 70% of failed CRM projects”
– Forrester Research.

 “50% of software functionality paid for by organisations is not actually used”
– Butler Group.

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